Thursday, April 24, 2014

Killing It

Yea we looked at the ratings last week, and the Ticket is killing it. Ratings, and interpreting them, is a beating. They serve as a general metric to tell us how the station is doing.

But you don't need ratings to realize that the Ticket is killing it right now. It has been a wild past month, with the departure of TC to some sandy small market as program director, the departure of Rich to the TMS as pit crew for Tony Stewart, the rise of Logan, the Mohawk and Jet Black. It has left us waking up on Monday mornings at 5:30 AM, tuning in to hear just what the hell is going on next. No, this isn't sycophancy, this is an observation that we have not heard the station this strong or interesting in a while. BaD interviewing Dirk, THL losing bets, D&M talking to Turturro, and the sports, oh the sports.

Granted, for hard core P1's its captivating because this is a crazy time at a place where the status quo, as discussed earlier, is the norm. Half the fun for us is listening to see what JV is going to successfully rip through a ticker or try to channel their inner Gordo and hit a home run of an 8:40 bit. The other half is listening for the inevitable screw ups and stumbling that make it to the E-brake.

For the casual Dallas listener, beaten down in their Pontiac on the way home from work, this is where they tune in to experience the conversation about the insane sports that is happening in our city. And it is truly insane right now, with the Mavs battling the Spurs, with hockey being awesome again and with the Ranger wienie at full staff (I can not imagine being a host and trying to decide what to deliver over the airwaves with this much sports going on in our fair berg). The casual listener is loving it, learning in depth about some sports points he can discuss around the water cooler tomorrow. 

Like Followill said, "Just livin' in the now, man."

PS: Hearing Grubes play Norm drops over the PA last night was bad ass. The Ticket permeates everything in Dallas. And if you don't think it is special then you can suck it.


Everybody hug.


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    1. Hey, thanks, asshole.

  2. I'm a proud passenger of this bandwagon. Yesterday was my second hockey game to watch.

  3. This is a blog about the Ticket. We are not hockey snobs, bro.

  4. They may be "killing it," but I think they are a bit worried about their ratings. I've never heard anything like the new spot that says, "isn't this better than some classic rock?" When you're fearlessly in the lead, you don't acknowledge your competition.

  5. Looks like we might need you guys more than ever. Plainsman might have shut MTC down.

  6. The Plainsman and MTC are still going strong, fortunately. It would be nice to have A P1 Wasteland back though

  7. What happened dude? You used to call into E-Brake voting and whatnot to promote the site. Now it's been nearly a year since your last post. Too bad.

  8. Bring it back then? Alright.