Monday, April 14, 2014

Seamless Transition

Doubt that many people tuned in this morning right at 5:30 to see what the Ticket would offer us in terms of a new Ticker man. Well, we did. And if you did your research online.... well whatever. Dick Hick's departure left a big void in responsibility and talent demanding prompt and capable replacement. At lesser stations, this would be a problem. But at the Ticket, where there is a stable of young and hopeful kids like Logan Gourley, it was no problem. The young man is no stranger to the Ticker and he nailed it all morning. Don't know how long he will stay at this spot, but we like it. Add to that Gordo's absence and Jake filling in, there is a bit of a father/son or young/old camaraderie atmosphere on the show this week, which we dig. The show had a fun sound with George and Junes cutting up with the younger guys.  

Watching this Colby performance gets my baseball pants going crazy.

Name's Logan. Bitches love my offerings.

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  1. I agree. I thought Logan nailed it nearly every time I heard him. Now if the Top 10 could get such courage.