Friday, March 28, 2014


We watched the movie Idiocracy recently (with Luke Wilson, directed by Mike Judge). A futuristic movie where humans have bred themselves retarded, water has been replaced by Brawndo, farting is still funny and reading is super gay. Owen Wilson's character is locked in a time capsule and he awakens in this society, and tries to rectify it.
President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

The relevance here is the multitude of classic drops we noticed come from this movie. Notably, these:
 "C'mon scro!"
"Right? Kick ass!"
..... and others. 
Just watch the movie and keep your ears listening. You will hear them and your Ticket brain will be kicked in the sack. 
"Right? Kick ass...."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rich Peverley

Rich Peverley had a 'cardiac event' this evening during the first period of the Stars game. Luckily, he was quickly rushed off the ice and met in the hallway to the locker room by medical staff. From what we have heard, CPR was administered for a short period until a defibrillator was able to shock his heart back into a sustainable rhythm. Now he is in stable condition at St. Paul hospital for further treatment.

We had the radio on in the background, thinking earlier we would hear the Top Ten but instead ended up listening to Ralph and Razor call the Stars game. Cool bro, so we stuck with it. Noticed something was up when there was an extended stretch with no audio. Twitter filled in the rest. Very scary, so glad the right people were there with the right equipment to treat Rich right away.

This event was reminder of how lifesaving CPR training can be. So fortunate that this happened at a game where players are surrounded by medical personnel. These kinds of cardiac events don't always happen when professionals are around, but it does not take a professional to save a life.

To find where you can take a CPR class, visit this site:

Friday, March 7, 2014

Farewell TC...

Damn. Just when you think its safe to enjoy a few Black and Milds, a blue margarita or maybe a bucket of Bud Light's at Kay's. Big time Ticket stuff has to go down, real fast.

As far as we know TC is sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight to Pensacola. Or maybe he already boarded. His Twitter handle says as much, and a desperate call to the mother ship was not answered by the familiar sweet voice of Thomas Charles Fleming. Austin picks up instead, sweet clean Austin. Norm's intern from August to December. Not TC. Not the kid we just hugged drunkenly at Ticket Stock.

A side note to this all. There will be many. This is just knee jerk reaction shit to what is happening. Expect more posts on this later. But for now, TC will no longer run the Top Ten. Or be at the station weeknights at all, and that is cause for quiver lip confusion for all of us (he does have 2 more weeks I guess). This is a real kick in the dick.

And these things always happen fast. So fast. Faster than that which allows recognition, processing or even denial. TC has accepted a position at WBSR 1450 AM/101.1 FM, the local ESPN station. Pensacola. Guys, we are at as much of a loss as you are. No idea why he would go there, no knowledge of any family there. No knowledge of position details, sure they are better than what he had here.

So much more to say. But its Friday night, were drunk and now all we want to do is lay down and fall asleep.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Middle of the Week Quick Hits...

The Irony of Jake's New Position: Is it really a promotion? Well, I guess so. In fact, on paper (his resume that is) and with regards to his paycheck, moving from afternoon drive board-op to BaD producer is definitely an upgrade. However, we feel like Jake's daily on-air presence has been diminished, severely. He no longer sits in the chair of fun, no longer has control of the on-air flavor. He no longer can listen to his gestalt and reflexively fire off hilarious drops. He now lives in the small on-air nook that Gribble had established. Is he trying to carve out more space? Is there anymore space for him on air with Bob, Dan, Donny and the more present than ever Sean Bass? These are the thoughts of a P1 though. Like we said, this new position is a resume builder for him, its not a chance for him to sharpen his radio delivery. He has already done that. This new position is the CTO (thanks Plainsman for that acronym) playing chess, moving Jake into a position to make a big move. A move that will have big repercussions at the station.

Corby's Wallet Got Stolen at the SMU Game: Pretty funny really. The whole Courtney Madden segment was shut down by Corby's loss. Losing a wallet does really suck, pretty debilitating. Hearing Corby challenging Killer to a fight over the incident was cause for laughter.  Don't think this story is over yet, you can guarantee we will hear more about this tomorrow. Who the hell would have done that?

Ian Kinsler Is a Little Bitch: Can any big name Ranger just depart from this thing on good terms? Ham-bone, Kins and Young, all have left the team on ridiculously stupid, piss and moany' and semi awkward terms, respectively. Jon Daniels is a genius, and a large reason for the Ranger's two World Series appearances. Kins can suck it.

Rick Barnes got really old all of the sudden.