Friday, March 28, 2014


We watched the movie Idiocracy recently (with Luke Wilson, directed by Mike Judge). A futuristic movie where humans have bred themselves retarded, water has been replaced by Brawndo, farting is still funny and reading is super gay. Owen Wilson's character is locked in a time capsule and he awakens in this society, and tries to rectify it.
President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

The relevance here is the multitude of classic drops we noticed come from this movie. Notably, these:
 "C'mon scro!"
"Right? Kick ass!"
..... and others. 
Just watch the movie and keep your ears listening. You will hear them and your Ticket brain will be kicked in the sack. 
"Right? Kick ass...."


  1. It's amazing how prophetic that movie has been in just a few years.

    "Go away - batin' !" That would make a good ringtone.

  2. Waste Boys: Attention --> Your sources are better than mine. Something's up with Rich Phillips. Scoop me.

  3. He posted on Twitter that he wasn't doing the SMU games in New York because of a family health issue. Could that be it?

  4. We were hard at work at the office today, no chance to really check in on it brotha, sorry. But sounds legit, from your reporting.

  5. Luke Wilson, not Owen btw