Friday, March 7, 2014

Farewell TC...

Damn. Just when you think its safe to enjoy a few Black and Milds, a blue margarita or maybe a bucket of Bud Light's at Kay's. Big time Ticket stuff has to go down, real fast.

As far as we know TC is sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight to Pensacola. Or maybe he already boarded. His Twitter handle says as much, and a desperate call to the mother ship was not answered by the familiar sweet voice of Thomas Charles Fleming. Austin picks up instead, sweet clean Austin. Norm's intern from August to December. Not TC. Not the kid we just hugged drunkenly at Ticket Stock.

A side note to this all. There will be many. This is just knee jerk reaction shit to what is happening. Expect more posts on this later. But for now, TC will no longer run the Top Ten. Or be at the station weeknights at all, and that is cause for quiver lip confusion for all of us (he does have 2 more weeks I guess). This is a real kick in the dick.

And these things always happen fast. So fast. Faster than that which allows recognition, processing or even denial. TC has accepted a position at WBSR 1450 AM/101.1 FM, the local ESPN station. Pensacola. Guys, we are at as much of a loss as you are. No idea why he would go there, no knowledge of any family there. No knowledge of position details, sure they are better than what he had here.

So much more to say. But its Friday night, were drunk and now all we want to do is lay down and fall asleep.


  1. 1124 pm and you're at the pass out stage already? Geez, dude. Whatevs. You make it seem like you have some more news of other changes that are soon coming down. Ones that will change the way things are. TC leaving is a bummer but come on, it ain't world shattering. So yeah I get it that you're sad over TC, so am I. If you have more, and it seems like you do, spill it brutha. Cos a much more to come about TC? There isn't much more to say man. Dude took a better position. He and nearly every other JV not named Jake know they'll always be JV at the Ticket. Good on ya TC.

  2. Cat Man talking about who is taking over for TC right now during WTDS.

  3. Mike with a rough sign off to Cat Man too. Hard to believe that they are hurting to find someone to replace TC in the Top Ten.

  4. Jiggity McDiggityMarch 10, 2014 at 3:52 PM

    I missed the segment. replacing fa fuh fuh.fa fa?

  5. Who do you predict?