Monday, March 10, 2014

Rich Peverley

Rich Peverley had a 'cardiac event' this evening during the first period of the Stars game. Luckily, he was quickly rushed off the ice and met in the hallway to the locker room by medical staff. From what we have heard, CPR was administered for a short period until a defibrillator was able to shock his heart back into a sustainable rhythm. Now he is in stable condition at St. Paul hospital for further treatment.

We had the radio on in the background, thinking earlier we would hear the Top Ten but instead ended up listening to Ralph and Razor call the Stars game. Cool bro, so we stuck with it. Noticed something was up when there was an extended stretch with no audio. Twitter filled in the rest. Very scary, so glad the right people were there with the right equipment to treat Rich right away.

This event was reminder of how lifesaving CPR training can be. So fortunate that this happened at a game where players are surrounded by medical personnel. These kinds of cardiac events don't always happen when professionals are around, but it does not take a professional to save a life.

To find where you can take a CPR class, visit this site:

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  1. Great reminder. Thanks for posting the link.