Saturday, January 4, 2014

Relationship Perusal: Jub and Gordo

George, the conservative, family oriented, genteel, affable UNT alum and possible future radio hall of famer; has sat next to Gordo, the aloof, quirky, brilliant, son of a preacher outlaw; on a daily basis for a shade under two decades. Gordo is Jub's foil on paper. They are opposites in many ways and Gordo, with his blood in the water mentality, profits off of this immensely. Excerpts from a fictional Muse segment:

Muse in the News
Gordo: "Here's a story for you George, and count the red flags Craig, man found in public park (ding) pleasuring himself (ding)  with a pack of hot dogs (ding)." ///Craig bursts out laughing
George: "Don't drag me into this, why do you do that?"
Gordo: "Your kinda story George."///chuckling
George: (George laughing from another previous story)
Gordo: (said quickly in an accusatory manner) "And two people were killed yesterday in a grocery store parking lot car crash. (pause, and slowing) What do you think about that George?"
George: "Why do you do that..."

Or a non-fiction promo for a bit coming up:

Gordo: (said with no chance of rebuttal by George): "George's hero, the star of Duck Dynasty, gets in some hot water for anti-gay remarks, we talk about it next."

And Craig is no guilt free party in the Gordo fueled tension here. His indifference to the jabs keeps him where he lives on the D&M show, his own island. One that he keeps swept clean, neat, with his bikes and running shoes kept in shining order. He is a passive observer to the constant pseudo-rivalry between his other two hosting colleagues.

It is true that both hosts, Jub and Gordon, are dynamic characters whom respect each other immensely and often have honest conversation on topical matters such as religion, death, suffering, the airport or holidays. They can function together as hosts to address deep issues, just look at their coverage of 9/11 or local tragedies. I believe its during those conversations that we see the true nature of this relationship.

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