Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wondering: The Insanity of WTDS

This segment on the little Ticket is complete insanity. Hosts talking over each other, rambling conversation, line 4 guy and wheels off background music. However, it is structured and is consistent in its flow. Dan leads us through with 'On this day in...', P1 birthdays (still faxed in of course), station birthdays, 'dead on this day still dead', the occasional question from Norm and spare birthdays. It is a prolonged show mixer marking the entry into the late afternoon and the start of THL. In ones mind you can almost see Dan pulling this wagon of a segment through the mud that is constant interruption, off topic comments and occasional breakout of song. In many ways it is his ideal type of segment, one with ventures into the absurd, dark humor and chaos.

The segment begs two questions:

Why does Danny never speak during this segment?
-We have heard Danny mention in the past that this segment is his kryptonite, most likely because the segment is so crowded with Bob, Dan, Ty, Danny, Mike, Snake, Jake, L4G and the occasional random.

What's the deal with line 4 guy?
- Some people say he is an old friend of Dan's, others that he is just a long time loyal P1 who calls in everyday during WTDS. Regardless, to our knowledge there has never been a 'pull back the curtain' discussion on his identity. He is rarely even addressed or acknowledged. His comments often incite laughter, but he is never directly engaged in conversation. He could be considered the voice of the P1, a 12th man on the air if you will.

Weigh in with you own thoughts wastelanders...


  1. I don't think Danny is even in the control room for it. Tom "produces" WTDS is seems.

  2. Today, balls were in Norm's butt.

  3. Danny has said in the past that with so many people already on the radio adding his would just add to the insanity.

    L4G, as the rumors have always been told, was a caller a long time ago into BaD radio and they liked talking to him so much they gave him the "line 4" number to call anytime. He still does and supposedly no one knows who he is. Just a listener that calls in to give his two cents but only calls into WTDS now. Not into shows as I understand he used to.

  4. Thanks for weighing in Charlie. That is the beauty of L4G, he is the 12th man, the voice of the P1.

  5. I remember one time way back when, Dan started with "dead on this day, now alive" and Rhyner 'bout blew a gasket. I remember this happening a couple of times. I'll be at Ticketstock on Friday and am looking forward to the "pulling back the curtain".

  6. Lads L4G is mos' definnly a friend of Dan's. When Dan isn't on for WTDS, neither is L4G.