Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Morning After

Pure greatness, that was. We got to see some of the later round tables and all of the Time Wasters. Not going to say much now on it all, wanted to get this up for the three people that read this blog in case they want to post a comment.

Loved getting to see such a large group of P1's. There was vaping, homeless miscreants asking for money and lots of Rich Phillips look a likes. Best part was mixing with all the guys after the show. They were great, letting us beat them down to take pictures and share in awkward embraces. 

Some quick hits that come to mind: Junes's Points for Sex (I am insane now), TC rapping, Jub on the fiddle, Sirois brothers pumping up the crowd, Tweeting our asses off. 

It was pure good good fun. 

Now, who has that recording from Friday night?


  1. In related topics, we found this review of Descending Hunan's "Points for Sex" from the 2000 Ticket Stock at the bottom of the internet:

  2. I've enjoyed reading your tweets and such as well as the comments over on MTC and seriously, who has a recording of Friday night for those of us out of town now guys?

  3. Its up on the UT: