Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your Favorite Ticket Experience

More nostalgia. Because that's just how were feelin, OK? The Wastelander hovel is a little sticky this morning. But as we plow through the empty cans of Pearl and plastic bottles of Canadian Mist, wondering who is going to clean this Cabana Queso off the pool table, we open the front door to a sunny morning and glow in our hangover. Sit on the porch couch and scratch. And smoke the last two Black and Milds in that box. Wood tips? What a treat. 

So you start to discuss things in that way. Channeling your inner Garrison Kheeler, laughing without moving your eyes from that weird room mate's girlfriends plant down there that has been dead for months. Feeling the potential of that Sunday Morning Coming Down, while things are still moving slowly but before the football games start.

And you think about Your Favorite Ticket Experience. Ours is Cowboys Training Camp. Thanks to the webcam, a P1 feels like he is sitting next to the hosts. You can even watch them mill about smartly during commercial breaks.  Yes you are getting beaten down in your cubicle filling out TPS reports, but you are doing it next to the Junes. As Gordo molests Rowdy on the field. There is something special about knowing throughout the day you can tune it in, turn it up and voyeur on while your favorite radio hosts do their shtick.

We remember a specific moment, maybe in 2011 in San Antonio. Somehow the Musers got ahold of some freight carts, those giant flat bed push carts you see at Sam's Club, capable of carrying a weeks worth of roast beef for an You Are Having I'm Arby's. Gordo was the moderator, with Junes challenging Jub Jub in a race around the Alamodome pushing these behemoths. And we can't remember if there were passengers on the carts, there might have been. So what happened was this: the station was broadcasting from the middle level deck in the dome. That level where the press boxes are. There was a large hallway circling the dome that the boys were racing through. The webcam was trained on the circus the whole time, watching them directly at the beginning and catching them across the dome for split seconds as they flashed by the concourses. It was complete insanity. Gordo was stirring the pot with I think Norm, probably speculating on some extra butt thrust from Jub Jub or the measured tenacity expected from Craig. The competitors had mikes too, losing connection as they figuratively went past the far side of the moon, and abrutly cutting back in when they were back in range. The whole bit was hilarious, a product of some guys stuffed away in a spare 65,000 seat stadium with nothing to do but talk about the Cowboys and drink bad margaritas on the River Walk. There was hearty Georgio laughter, Gordo screaming and general chaos. Don't know how they calmed down after that to stay on the air. The most surprising thing was that George won.

Yea for us its that moment if we have to pick one. But really any time the gang travels and camps out together in some far away city. Usually there is the webcam, and a P1 can camp out too, being part of the insanity. The stories that come from these weeks are greatness. And the camaraderie between the guys is impressive, the late nights at bars, practical jokes at the hotel, talking about rooming with Norm, the speed and efficiency of the Junes getting ready, and so on. We can do what they can do, but they can't do what we do.

So as that Black and Mild transitions from the latter to the former, and that cool room mate's girl friend starts to clean the house, let the sun shine upon Your Favorite Ticket Experience, and enjoy it. And don't feel bad about ashing in that plant, its dead anyways.

So, what is yours?

Shout out to Stephen Kelley. And TC. I like steak.

"Uh Paul in, uh..."


  1. These are the things that I don't take for granted. 20 years ago I was 22 and wouldn't have been as strong a PC as I am now and I credit that to my age and the fact that these guys on the Ticket give us lots of reasons to relate, especially the Musers. If I was 22 now, I wouldn't get them the same way. How we take in our music and radio has also changed so I'm glad the Ticket came along when it did because to someone who doesn't know about the Ticket, there are many avenues to listen to nowadays. Let's hear some other stories of everyone's favorite road trips, campouts, compounds, etc.

  2. I'm the same with anytime they are all together. Whether it being the old compound, the campout, or super bowl and training camp. I love hearing the stories of going and seeing whatever there is where they are or the crappy strip club the BaD guys went to in wherever up north (Green Bay?). But the hockey trips are always good, (Gabby urinator, 1920's Reporter Guy, Bob going to see random stuff in New york). And even the Hard line's trips like the one to Chicago? with the baseball team to see a stadium they all hadn't seen and yet still doing the touristy and local bar going stuff.

    Just my opinion, but anytime that they do something where stories come out of it and get to listen to them whether it's kicking each other in the crotch, or just laughing at something they saw or got audio of.