Saturday, February 1, 2014

MTC Brings us NEWS:

Breaking News at MTC

The Plainsman at MTC brings us the news that Gribble is out to ESPN as a producer, Jake is moving to
BaD as producer and Mino is moving in to take Jake's spot as 12-7 PM boardop.

Gut reaction to this is, well okay. Biggest adjustment here for the P1 will be getting used to Mino at the board. Jake was becoming a major force on THL as well as BaD. He was delivering a bill of goods at the board similar in quality to what Grubes was capable of, enriched with solid on air commentary during segments. Going to miss Gribble though, however under the radar he was. Always a sad day when one of the long-timers leaves for different pastures.

Now, as things settle down this week and people get readjusted, one must think what affect this will have on the other JV. How will Sea Bass, Ty and TC feel about it? We don't think this behind-the-host realignment is an affront to anyone. All the other JV have solid roles and have been performing their jobs exceptionally the past year. 

That is all we have. This next week will be interesting. 


  1. I think RW reported all of this waaaaay before everyone else. Unfortunately I didn't pay the $4.95 per month to read it.

    [tongue firmly in cheek]

  2. I listened to a lot of The Hardline yesterday and Mino didn't play many drops. I'm sure he will have to learn his timing. But the ones he did play were perfect - during the Super Bowl commercial discussion when they brought up the Cheerios commercial, he played the infamous Norm drop "Black man, white b***h" and it could not have been timed better. I died laughing. Good luck Mino!

  3. Good to hear he is fitting in. Probably the less we here about the adjustments from the hosts the better.