Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Post Shake Up Observations

We have been tuning in closely the past few days, and have heard little difference in the delivery of the on air content. We think Mino is doing a great job so far. If you can step in to that position, insert drops with precision and make even the Balis Black Cloud laugh, then you are doing a good job. Jake's presence is still heard on BaD, and his absence on THL is nothing to fret over. To us his THL cut ins, while interesting and impeccably delivered, gave the feeling of a crowded house, too many cooks in the kitchen if you will. It has not phased the hosts, at least on air. No telling what behind the scenes interactions are going down. All in all, the station seems healthy after the switch, albeit its only been three days. We consider it a sign of strength to weather a shake up like this one and not flinch.


Live Action Update!!!
Never done this before, change a post after publishing. But we found a relevant comment on Reddit we thought was timely and worthy of pasting in here. From our friend Ruffianstjames:
As someone who is a big Ticket JV supporter, seeing early results like this is very encouraging. Mino is a real good dude, and I had no doubt he'd slide into the role with ease. He's more fluid already three days in, you can hear him hitting the staples. This is going to sound a bit demeaning, but Mino is much more a prototypical board op type.

It leads into my theory about Jake. Jake was awesome in the chair of fun, but at the same time it was keeping an every day ready prospect in a bench role. He needed more at bats if you will. So shifting him over to where Tom is, and putting Mino where Jake was is basically using your resources in a more optimal fashion. Now Mino gets to play in the big leagues, which he earned, and Jake gets a starting role which was made by moving Tom away.

Speaking of Scoops', as much as it sucked to see Tom leave the friendly confines it was the least objectionable option. You weren't going to move a host, and Fernando/Sirois/DanPaul are well ensconced. Tom was also, but he's also out of the four the most likely to succeed at ESPN. He works hard, but is also probably the most polarizing out of the four producers. Giving him a move up to ESPN(if those rumors are true) can be construed as a reward for putting up with Bob and Dan, a Herculean task.
 Thanks, Mr. Ruffian. Good luck with, your bottom. 

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