Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ticket Employee Review: TC

Next up in our review of every Ticket Employee Ever, is TC Fleming. TC was hired in February 2009. He formerly lived with Jake. Corby says he is slow, brilliant in his own way. Not trusted to handle himself in an executive meeting. Seemingly stricken to work at the Ticket forever and destined to ride behind Jake, until the very end.He is the current Top Ten host, driving the rehash of the day's great on air moments backed by a Super Mario Brother's soundtrack. Co-host of the podcast It's Just Banter with Jake. Punching bag for all the hosts at the station. Epitomizer of the personality who never had older siblings. The room mate that leaves unwashed dishes in the sink. Keeps a piece of cake on the kitchen counter to nibble on for a few days, crumbs everywhere. The one who is messy; but you feel bad chastising him into cleaning up his act. The golden hearted puppy that means well but just hasn't had a wife or significant other to foster a higher level of cleanliness. TC is and was the messy room mate you or your buddy had in college that seemed like he barely had it together; but was a true genius, capable of accomplishing big things that took you by surprise. Kid with a unique posture. Any picture of TC the P1 lays there eyes on features his trademark "look". Shoulders drooping slightly, with a characteristic forward head jut like he is trying to peer into a book and see a finer print. A wide no teeth grin with the cheeks of an 18 month old shining at you. Shaggy hair. 

Tiny Jake, or TC standing on a box? He ain't that tall is he? At least he's wearing a belt. 

His Current Work
The Top Ten has been a spring board to a few JV startups. For TC we think it is a good place to hone his often awkward on air delivery, and to display his creative flair. For management it was probably similar to handing a child a sparkler while the big brothers are lighting artillery shells. Let him get after it, with little chance of disaster. Stars hockey beats out his hosting most nights it seems recently, which is a drag for us. We actually enjoy listening to TC ramble to himself during that time slot, imagining how much fun he is having being The Guy at the little Ticket for a few hours everyday. We have started listening to Its Just Banter recently. Always knew it existed, just never forayed into the JV audio that was not on air. Reminds us of a Bob and Dan relationship, with Jake being the level headed sports bully and TC the abstract mind scraping the dark under belly of topics they discuss.
His Perception at The Ticket
Each JV (non-host non-producer short timers) at The Ticket often gets known as the one who did "_____". For Jake, its the "space is super gay" audio from his podcast. For Ty, its his "I'm Ty Walker!" sign off making him sound mentally challenged. For Grubes it was playing some song at the Barley House, or his inability to hold conversation on air. 

For TC, it was his 8:40 bit prank call aimed at Corby (the "hah huf fa hah hah" incident came much later). TC needed some material for the bit, and he decides to call Corby, at home, late at night, while he is asleep. The call rouses the Snake and his wife, keeping them awake until the early morning. While it was probably misguided, what prank at the Ticket isn't? And is Corby so innocent? TC was dressed down on air regarding the incident the next day. Corby and Danny teamed up and hurled the insults, citing pasta induced comas, turning girls lesbian and his lack of relationships. The wave of anger directed at TC was stoked by TC's reaction to it, a reaction of cockiness and disregard. Bad idea on his part, but such an unfortunate start to his Ticket persona. Will he have to leave the Ticket to overcome this sour taste that has persisted for four years? Who knows, these hosts are like elephants, and so are the listeners...

Which brings us to: His Future
He is the future of the Ticket, along with guys like Ty, Sean and Jake. When you look at the big picture, someone like TC is destined for a big time position at the mother-ship, if he stays around long enough for it to happen. Long enough being 5-10 years. Let's be honest, at a station where change is rare and the lineup has been the same for about 15 years, things happen slowly. He has built a strong body of work with his pal Jake, and in a minor league farm system with about 5 guys in it, he is no slouch.

Barring any Bacsik like pop-offs on Twitter or hot boxing the studio during the Top Ten, TC should be safe at the mother ship on Victory. His current on air persona is still raw, we think he has a ways to go before he is ready for any regular conversing presence on air. Top Ten is done well, but he has a conversation with himself the whole time. Its Just Banter is shocking and funny, but its a podcast recorded out of the back of Jake's car. The kid is dedicated to his craft, which in our books is the most important thing he has going for himself with respect to longevity. And yes we don't care what the haters say, but we think the kid has real talent. The management sees something in him that is special, or he would not have been allowed to hang around this long.

So carry on TC. Good luck with your bottom. 


  1. Very good write up of TC. He very well could be a host or producer someday. His voice wouldn't be a mark against himself like you would think because Corby is proof that you don't have to have radio pipes to get a daily host gig.

  2. TC seems like the kind of guy I could eat waffles with at a WaHo at 2 am.

  3. ahhh faaa fa fa fa faaaah fa

  4. This place sounds more and more like a Ticket run thing. Is it?

  5. Well, thanks for the compliment I guess. To be truthful we are a small group of sweet clean P1's, scattered hither and yon throughout the Texas homeland. But, don't let that hinder your imagination. Here at the Wasteland hovel we encourage speculation, fun and even yuks.

  6. Also, seems our name has changed. We synced up with the whip that is Google+ and we had to type in a real name. So Vladdy will be happy with that.

  7. Even Bob rips on TC. Ala jokes about black lights in Dan's master bedroom and TC's presence there.

  8. I love TC because he loves Notre Dame.