Monday, February 17, 2014

1310 The Ticket - The Movie! Part 1

If there was to be a movie made about The Ticket and its 20 years of existence, who would act in it? Who would the director be? When would it take place within the two decade history? We each drank a case of Schlitz while chain smoking a box of Black and Mild's and came up with a plot summary and casting. Part 1 of the script and most roles are below:

Director: Scorsese

Lead Roles:
Gary Sinise as Mike Rhyner 
Jonah Hill as George Dunham
Val Kilmer as Craig Miller
Dwayne Johnson as Greg Williams 
Shia LeBeouf as Gordon Keith
James Franco as Corby Davidson
Skip Bayless as Skip Bayless
Curt Menefee as Curt Menefee
Spence Kendrick as Spence Kendrick

Backup Roles:
Omid Djalili as Jeremy Moran 
Matt Bomer as Danny Balis

Opens in 1995 at the Ridgelawn rental where Gordo, Greggo and the Junes are living. Shows a shot of Gordo sleeping on the ground with his clothes in a grocery sack in the corner. Audio over-layed on the scene is from the Skip Bayless morning show and the shot cuts to Skip in front of the microphone. Cuts back to Ridgelawn where Greggo is now arranging some Cowboys regalia on his shelf. Cuts back to Skip. Cuts back to Ridgelawn and now Junes is riding a stationary bike in the kitchen while flipping some eggs and drinking OJ. Cuts to airborne-helicopter shot of Dallas and a rising sun. Next it cuts to Junes and Jub in the parking lot as they are walking up to the station, both dressed in silly 90's clothes. Jub with big glasses and Junes with sneakers and shin high white socks, both exuding the sweet bird of youth. They walk into the station and into a quite control room with Mike looking silently through sound proof glass as Curt Menefee talks into a microphone. The shot only shows Mike's back at first, his arms crossed, with Junes and Jub walking in next to him, saying hello. Shot snaps to close up of Mike's expressionless face, with the broadcasting room reflecting off his tinted glasses. "Morning boys. Another day in the jungle of radio. See you in the prep meeting." Shot now goes into the broadcasting room as Curt takes a caller and you hear a brief snippet about the upcoming Cowboys super bowl. Shot switches to control room with some board op kicking a smoking computer tower, wild music on in the background, half eaten sandwiches everywhere. Riotous chaotic feel continues as camera goes back into broadcasting room, with Jub and Junes belly laughing about their college days at UNT. Junes has one hand over his mouth and the other slapping his knee. Jub bounces around like that officer in Super Troopers on the other side of the car during the Meow incident. Riotous feel continues as someone does a Ticker and 1310 jingles play on. Scene abruptly cuts to a quite meeting room, with Jub, Junes, Mike, Greg, Gordo, Skip and Spence Kendrick. Mike is again serious, talking behind dark sunglasses about the logistics of their trip to Atlanta for the Superbowl. "Now, we will be staying at this hotel here and broadcasting will be next to the stadium. Check your folders for all the information." Gordo speaks up, asking as he dumps the contents of the folder on the floor, "Hey Mike, are there drink tickets in here?" Jub rips a fart and the room erupts into laughter. Mike slams his fist on the table, stands up and bellows, "You jackasses think this is all a joke. Well I tell you what, this station is hanging on tooth and nail and this trip to Atlanta is a big God damn deal." Mike wheels around, and walks out of the room.

End part one. Tune in for more.


  1. Nice idea for a post, Waste. Wish I'd thought of it.

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  3. Wow sounds so interesting. In the Pro Bowl, yesterday....

  4. @Plainsman, thanks. Maybe it will actually come into fruition!

  5. @Anon 645. You should email Danny Balis. He might be interested in that spam.

    1. That's not spam. I was looking at business opportunities on the ANA website and saw listing that looks remarkably like Pizza Buzz.

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    Where does he get these? Bizarre stuff...