Saturday, February 1, 2014

 One Month Birthday

We're one month old. Just a few weeks ago this blog was thrown together in a PBR fueled rage and has grudgingly continued to be your fart-and-fall-down HQ. Now we have like 6 regular visitors and that is pretty neat. Thanks Plainsman, Cactusflinthead, charlie0712, livinginreality, Pablonius Monk, HotGuts and the rest. We tallied 4,000 views, mostly thanks to bot tracking sites like, so apparently internet robots really like our website too. Thanks, robots!

But space is super gay and so is Lee Corso's baby arm. We have a lot of fun writing fun and yuks for the sweet clean P1. And sometimes calling into the station to shamelessly plug blogs like this one and MTC to open up our conversations about the Ticket to more people. Like Craig once said, "It is good when people are talking about the Ticket."

So here is to some more months of distilling your Ticket experience into even less cohesive thought and serving it up in a big glass made of Wastelander drivel.

We're havin' fun here, no?


  1. Happy Birfday, Waste! I hear you mentioned this blog and MTC in a shout-out at TicketStock. Nicely done -- you're obviously a much more vigorous promoter than Your Plainsman.

    I'm getting lots of comments and emails about something coming down on The Little One on Monday. If you've got some sources (I don't, really, but you seem to have some inside knowledge that I lack), now would be the time to check with them. Maybe you can get a scoop.